About us

The law firm deals with comprehensive legal services and advice for entrepreneurs conducting business activity in all legal forms. The law firm is a company of three legal advisors and was created as a continuation of the law firm of Wiktor Blumes. For more than 17 years of operation, the law firm has gained a well-established position in the legal services market and the persons who create it have obtained relevant professional experience and high appreciation of clients. During this time we have conducted more than 5000 court and enforcement cases, we have established dozens of commercial companies, we have assisted in the preparation and implementation of dozens of development and production projects. We conduct training in various areas of law for our clients and third parties, and in cooperation with the Rzeczypospolita newspaper we publish articles on legal issues.

The law firm operates across the country and its regular clients include entities from various branches of commerce and regions of Poland. The law firm cooperates regularly with the offices of tax advisors, notaries and bailiffs throughout Poland. This allows us to provide our clients with a comprehensive scope of legal services, tax and financial and accounting consultancies, as well as prompt and efficient enforcement of consumer dues.

The best evidence of our professionalism and commitment is that we have had clients who, for first time trusted us ten or more years ago. We provide them with a day-to-day service and they appreciate the professional level of our advice and the ability to take advantage of our help in any matter. Others choose us because of our process experience and that we strive to win at all costs. In order to ensure the quality and reliability of our services, we guarantee that all legal activities and legal representation services are performed exclusively by legal counsel.

Our achievements and successes include, but are not limited to:

1) Carrying out the debt settlement process of a listed company by transferring to a hedge fund and and then selling the majority stake in a Polish steelworks,
2) Carrying out the effective recovery of a multimillion claim against a Polish shipyard with the unsuccessful execution of all its other creditors,
3) Creation of original, effective ways, not previously applied in Poland, of securing receivables,
4) Successful implementation of 3 proceedings in the field of restructuring commercial companies completed with the approval of the agreement with their creditors,
5) Establishment of capital groups of parent company and subsidiaries in development and service activities,
6) Carrying out transformations of commercial companies, which subsequently debuted on the Stock Exchange,
7) Comprehensive audit and execution tens of millions of transactions in real estate,
8) Successful completion of more than 30 precedent court cases, including a dozen in the Supreme Court,
9) Successful completion of a dozen or so cases in the scope of the subsidiary liability of members of the management boards of capital companies and their liability under Art. 299 ksh.

We guarantee positive resolution of every problem in the most suitable way.
Legal services are provided in Polish and English.