Substantive civil law

  1. drafting and giving opinions on draft contracts,
  2. comprehensive range of issues related to the protection of copyright and related rights, preparation and evaluation of licensing agreements and the transfer of copyright; representation in cases of infringement of patents, trademarks and other industrial property rights.
  3. The issue of electronic commerce, creation and assessment of procedures and documents related to the execution of distance contracts,
  4. Claims for damage to property and persons, representation in disputes in the scope of insurance agreements,
  5. Consumer protection issues,
  6. Competition law, the fight against unfair market practices,
  7. Issues related to banking law and agreements concluded with banks,
  8. Creation of systems for the sale of goods and payment collateral.

Civil adjective law

  1. Preparation of pleas and appeals,
  2. Representation of lawsuits before civil courts and the Supreme Court,
  3. Representation of lawsuits before the arbitration courts,

Labour law

  1. Preparation of labour regulations, remuneration regulations, and other internal labour law,
  2. Drafting of contracts of employment and managerial contracts,
  3. Representation before the courts in employment cases,
  4. Organization of group redundancies and employee transfer procedures pursuant to Article 23 (1) of the Labour Code,
  5. Disputes on the grounds of discrimination and violation of personal rights,
  6. Preparation, variation of employment contracts,
  7. Preparation of documents related to responsibilities in respect of order or termination of employment,
  8. Preparation of noncompetition and confidentiality agreements,
  9. Preparation of documents related to material liability of the employee,

Administrative law

  1. Preparation and filing of applications and appeals against decisions in administrative proceedings,
  2. Legal representation before the Voivodeship administrative courts and the Supreme Administrative Court,
  3. Client representation in administrative proceedings,
  4. Provision of legal assistance in the scope of construction law – legal representation of investors in the course of the entire investment process from obtaining a building permit or a decision on the building conditions to the permit of use (obtaining building permits, permits for use, filing applications for decisions on building conditions, local spatial development plans, building supervision, demolition orders, etc.),
  5. Advice on issues related to real estate management (expropriation, adjournment, fees, mergers and divisions of real estate, preemptive, compensations, etc.),
  6. Client legal representation in enforcement proceedings in administration.
  7. Handling of investment processes (industrial and housing construction).

Bankruptcy and restructuring law

  1. Preparation of legal solutions securing client’s claims against bankruptcy of contractors,
  2. Preparation and execution of bankruptcy proceedings,
  3. Execution of restructuring proceedings,
  4. Handling of matters related to the subsidiary and criminal responsibilities of the members of the board,
  5. Preparation of applications for exemption from bankruptcy estate
  6. Active participation in the process of restructuring, negotiating the terms of the agreement,
  7. Execution of cases on the prohibition of conducting business activity,
  8. Legal services of entrepreneurs in bankruptcy,
  9. Bankruptcy of developers, consumer bankruptcy,

Real estate law

  1. Determining the legal status of real estate, advice concerning real estate acquisition (legal audit of the real estate),
  2. Preparation of hire and lease agreements,
  3. Legal representation of the client in proceedings, reconciliations of the content of the land and mortgage register with the actual legal status,
  4. Legal assistance in the process of purchase and sale of real estate,
  5. Preparation and evaluation of drafts of development, commitment, preliminary and final sales contracts,
  6. Preparation of documents related to limited real property rights,
  7. Advice and representation on the establishment of a separate property of a dwelling, abolishing co-ownership and the method of use,
  8. Comprehensive service for property owners,
  9. Comprehensive handling of the building process, full service of the developer in the investment process,
  10. Counseling and representation in proceedings related to expropriation, claims for damages, non-contractual use, and seizure

Commercial law

  1. Preparation of instruments of incorporation, agreements, and status of companies, regulations and other internal acts,
  2. Preparation of applications and documentation of the National Court Register and legal representation in cases of company registration,
  3. Preparation of regulations of supervisory boards and boards of commercial law companies,
  4. Legal assistance for the creation of new companies and transformation of existing entities, as well as for their dissolution, decommissioning and restructuring,
  5. Service of companies with foreign capital, and branches of foreign companies,
  6. Developing the concept of restructuring of capital groups,
  7. Preparation of the minutes of meetings of shareholders, holding general meetings in joint stock companies,
  8. Carrying out corporate audits,
  9. Legal assistance in the development of broadly understood application of corporate governance principles,
  10. Preparation of drafts of the governing body’s resolutions, representation, and advice at company meetings,
  11. Assistance during company liquidation.

Public procurement

  1. Legal assistance for contracting authorities in the preparation of internal procurement procedures (regulations, instructions) and procedural documentation,
  2. Legal counseling in the preparation and conduct of procurement procedures on behalf of the contracting entity, including preparation of the specification of the terms of reference of the contract,
  3. Verification of contract notices, in particular conditions for participation in the procedure, advice and assistance in submission of offers in accordance with the terms of contract,
  4. Preparation of protests concerning the activities of the contracting authority and appeals against the resolution of protests,
  5. Legal representation of the contracting authorities and contractors in the proceedings before the National Appeal Chamber as well as before district courts,
  6. Legal assistance for the contracting authorities in setting the standards for public procurement and negotiations with contractors,
  7. Legal counseling for contractors at all stages of the public procurement procedure, including participation in the prognosis of the negotiation in public procurement procedures,
  8. Legal assistance in litigation related to execution of contracts concluded in the field of public procurement.

Debt recovery

  1. Out-of-court negotiations with debtors, including preparation of documentation improving the legal and procedural situation of creditors,
  2. Actions in the scope of pre-trial debt collection, including payment requests,
  3. Assistance in searching of the debtors’ assets,
  4. Recovery from the assets transferred by the debtor to other parties (Pauli complaint),
  5. Securing claims at the pre-trial and court stages (collateral proceedings),
  6. Conducting cases before the courts including electronic proceedings,
  7. Representation in enforcement proceedings, cooperation with bailiffs, h) Conducting supplementary proceedings in the cases of ineffective enforcement, seeking non-enforcement forms of pressure on the debtor resulting in conclusion of the agreement and repayment of the liability, i) Securing the creditor and asserting rights through criminal law, j) The so-called anti-corruption i.e. undertaking activities in the scope of debt restructuring and anti-enforcement measures.